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Three-Dimensional Magen David

Three-Dimensional Magen David

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Designed and crafted by Israeli Artist Kalanit Tahan.


Made in Israel.

The essence of the Star of David, and the spirituality it symbolizes according to Kabbalah, is known. Since there are six ends, in the ways of influence from top to bottom, which are called according to Kabbalah, grace, valor, glory, eternity, glory, foundation. And the one who receives them all is the seventh measure, the measure of the kingdom - which is the Holy Shekinah for the Knesset of Israel. The symbol of the Star of David has six edges, which due to the connection to the implicit contents in it, a kind of Kabbalistic Jewish meditation is conducted.

When the Star of David comes in a three-dimensional form, its effect is many times stronger. Original artwork made by Israeli artist Kalanit Tahan.

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